Medical Examiners in Fort Worth – Human Decomposition Cleanup FT Worth

Medical examiners, also referred to as forensic pathologists, are medical doctors who perform autopsies and other investigations to figure the cause of death in individuals who have passed on. Tarrant County Medical Examiners are licensed professionals who are highly trained and educated in forensic analysis. Choosing to become a medical examiner can be a long and tough career to do.  In all cases a Medical Examiner deals with the site of dead bodies and deals with human decomposition in some cases. Medical Examiners must have knowledge of both science and the human body, and they must be able to explain in great detail their conclusions in the report. Many times they are called to produce the facts of the deceased to help law enforcement determine if the death was a homicide, suicide, or natural death. During a medical examiners education, they can take advantage of ‘elective’ courses, and choose to get more topics related to medicine and science to help them further their career. 

When a death is discovered after a few days, human decomposition is usually something the mortician and the crime scene cleanup companies have to deal with. The odor is very strong and hard to get rid of in homes and businesses where the death took place. Unattended deaths will have maggots and flies in the home and they can carry the blood and bodily fluids all throughout the property trying to escape. Cross contamination is what you will have to deal with at this point. Clean and sanitize the complete house and remove all the carpet, drapes, and clothing to get rid of the odor. Once the source is removed you can begin to restore the property back to it’s original condition before the incident took place. Sometimes you will see dogs and cats in the same room with the deceased. It’s sad to see that the animals had to die because the owners passed on.

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